making money blogging

When was the last time you had a breakthrough? Mine was in 2016. Blogging to make money never crossed my mind. I was a full-time college instructor, working my ass off because I needed money to pay for my tuition. At that time, I was working on a Master’s degree in English Language Teaching. I was exhausted. Working from Mondays through Fridays, and studying during weekends. I thought that’s what you do to achieve your dreams, right? Then, I realized:

Am I really pursuing my dream, or someone else’s?

You see, I’ve always wanted to teach. For me, it’s what I do best. 

I love talking to my students about literature, movies, music, and art.

I enjoy reading their essays and short stories. 

And I also love how they open up their hearts and minds to me when there’s no one else to talk to. 

But, here’s THE THING.

I’m an introvert. 

When it comes to fitting in, I fail miserably.

I hate gossiping about colleagues.

I don’t kiss ass.

Most of all, I don’t show off. 

I just have a unique way of teaching.    

Believe me, others hate it when you’re DIFFERENT.

So, I left. 

I left the only job I know that gives me purpose. 

Fast forward to January of 2016. 

I checked an email from Jobstreet that a company is looking for a course creator. 

And that’s how my career as a freelance content writer started.

I created my profile on various platforms:





The best part, I get to work from home wearing an oversized t-shirt with no pants on. (wink)

Life’s good. 

But then, remember what others say that you have to make money while you sleep?

I can’t. 

I don’t make money if I step away from my computer.  

Ergo, I have to do something. 

So, I scoured the internet for information.

But, I REALLY want to stick with what I’m already doing. 

My clients earn millions for my blog posts.

There goes my wake-up call. 

I want to make millions. This time, for me.

So, I started Bringing Up Business.

Because of my blog, I landed premium high-paying clients.

I was able to meet more people online who are in the same line of business.

Lastly, I was able to create my own platform where I can still teach. This time without being judged about why I do things differently. 


But let’s go back to our main topic: 

How much is the startup cost in blogging to make money?

First, let’s go over the essentials. : 

To be a seriously-legit blogger who makes money, you will need:

  1. A website
  2. Social media accounts 

Wait. That’s it?

Well, essentially. Still, there are tools you need behind the scenes.

Let’s go over that in a little bit. 

Mind you, the start-up cost for blogging to make money varies depending on what kind of blog you are starting. 

For example, if it’s a beauty blog, you need to buy products to review.

If you’re starting a travel blog, of course, you will spend money on transportation, hotel accommodations, itinerary, etc.

A food blog will have to spend money on ingredients for the recipes.

A pet blog will have to spend money on supplies, food, and medicines. 

Or if you’re really dead-serious about blogging to make money, start with marketing research, like I did.

I organized an informal meeting/free seminar about freelance writing.

It was held in a coffee shop in Shaw.

In fact, I did it twice. 

That’s how I knew I have a market for this.

Below is a list of my expenses after blogging for one year

Okay, now that we’re seeing the numbers, I know you have questions.

Is it worth it?


Like I said, I was able to land high-paying clients because of my blogs.

No need to write unpaid blog samples on the spot. I just send them the URL of my website, and then comes the offer. 

I was able to get help. Last year, my self-care blog can’t keep up because I’m too busy. So, I hired content writers to fill in.  

Sometimes, I get prospect clients from Linkedin and Facebook. They said they’ve read my blog and want to know how we can work together.

Are you going to spend more this year?

For sure.

The business expenses are leverage to grow a business.

Right now, my blogs can survive with free tools.

Eventually, I’m going to switch to Elementor-pro, and Mailchimp premium. I’m also thinking of letting go of Hootsuite, and pay premium on Planoly instead. That way, all my socials will be managed in one place.

It’s a lot of work.

But again, IT’S WORTH IT.

What will the future bring?


Blogging to make money is like other careers. You have to build your foundation.

I am praying for more business deals in the days (and years) to come.