Getting My Life Together

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What do bloggers do? 

Hello, everyone. Welcome back to Bringing Up Business. Today, let’s talk about productivity. We watch a lot of YouTube videos about Getting My Life Together. I am obsessed with this kind of content, too. But what is it really like to “Get My Life Together” with no cameras, no IG photos, no script?

I mentioned in my last blog that part of my writing process is procrastination. Blogging exhausts me. It’s mental. So, in order for me to keep going, I need to create a routine that works for me and my lifestyle.

The number one rule in Blogging Basics 101 is CONSISTENCY. How do train your mind to create quality content every week? How do you shift your mindset from starting a blog as a hobby to starting a blog that makes money? How do you squeeze all your blogging tasks in a week without feeling overwhelmed?  

What is it like to be a new blogger? 

I have been offering freelance services since 2015. But it was only in 2019 that I decided to start a blog that makes money. At first, my reason for starting a blog is because I’m tired of submitting unpaid blog post samples to prospect clients. Imagine spending at least 4 hours writing, researching, and editing, only to be told that your writing sucked and they decided to go with another candidate. The next day, you see your blog post published somewhere without your permission. 

Terrible, right?

So, I decided to buy a domain name, and web hosting for my WordPress blog.

Then, after joining Facebook groups for bloggers, I discovered that there are many ways for blog to be monetized. This gave me the motivation I need to continue creating content.

So, what’s my week as a blogger? The truth? I sit in front of the computer for at least 10 hours a day, every day, even during weekends and holidays. 

Even without the mandated self-quarantine by the government, I’ve been living in isolation for more than a year. 

Nope, this isn’t the time for you to feel pity. This is just one of those tough-to-tackle truths about being a solopreneur. You’re always on your own. And like I shared on Instagram, “Sometimes, you have to be your own hero.” 

BUT (of course, there’s always a but), there are awesome things about being a solopreneur. That is:

You are responsible for your own success.

Aaaand, I can be a workaholic whenever, wherever I want to. We all desire to have a purposeful life, right? Getting my life together and helping other bloggers reach their maximum potential is mine.

What do bloggers do all week? 

Sharing with you the most recent routine of my week as a blogger. I was never a morning person. But it’s been a month since I started waking up at 6 AM. Yasss, so far so good.


  • Mornings are spent doing household chores, feeding and playtime with the dogs, and Netflix or listening to podcasts. 
  • In the afternoon, I spend 2 hours on Pinterest, pinning and following at least 20 people. 
  • Sunday evenings are spent goal setting for the week and go to bed at 9 PM


As you can see in the image below, my weekly routine is basically the same. I spend most of my day on Pinterest and blog post writing. 

I wake up at 6 AM (yey), prepare breakfast, feed, and play with my dogs.

Work mode begins at 9 AM, First, I log in to my Pinterest account and check my analytics. Then, I create pin templates on Canva and schedule them using Tailwind. This takes about 2 hours of my time every day. 

I schedule my Instagram and Facebook page posts using Hootsuite. If my blog post for that week isn’t ready yet (I publish every Thursday), I manually publish on social media every day.   

At night, before going to bed, I engage in Facebook groups. I join daily threads ie. blog shares/comments, Pinterest repins, Instagram follow thread, etc. I also manage and create daily threads on my Facebook group. 

In between these, I do batch cooking, play with my dogs, do some client work, and of course, Netflix. 

Note that there are tasks that overlap. For example, I can do Pinterest Management Services while engaging in Facebook groups at night. Of course, this is aside from client work here and there.

Also, aside from creating new content every week, I spend 2 days on keyword research and blog audit. I need to update old blog posts, so Google will notice me more.

As you can see, another thing you need to know about the blogging basics is your blog is your life. I mean, I barely have time to do household chores or go out (that’s not a problem anymore because of the community quarantine going on). So by the time I go to bed at around 9 or 10, I am completely exhausted. Well, mentally, that is.

But I don’t mind at all. Every day is a new day to be better than what I am yesterday. I guess this is what really feels like when you start the year with a plan and focus on it.

Last year, I just “wing it”, especially with all the client work. But creating a 12-month blog plan gave me clarity and the focus I need to achieve my blogging goals this year.

blog post getting my life together: my week as a blogger The Greatest Digital Creatives

Meanwhile, I’m thrilled to share that this blog post is not just about my week as a blogger. I was able to get help from fellow bloggers because, well, I’m curious, too. 

So if you want to know what do bloggers do, then read along.

Hi, I’m Porcia Applewhaite of Lifetimeflux.

On a Sunday night, my goal is to set up what I am doing during the week and post the blog post that I have written throughout the week. 

Monday, I set out and plan a different post which I will be doing for the next couple of weeks. 

Tuesday, I draft the next two posts that I am going to write and comment on other blog posts. 

Wednesday, I schedule pins and create pins for my new post. Thursday, I finish off my blog post. 

Friday, Saturday I mainly work on guest posts or other things that I want to create on my blog.

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Hey there, I am Kinga from 

I am going to be very honest with you – having a nearly 3-year-old makes it a little difficult for me to stay consistent. But I’m trying to do my best. My schedule is somehow divided between VA work/freelancing and blogging (for myself). For my VA projects, I am always working in the mornings, every day or sometimes, in the evenings after my toddler goes to bed. 

The rest of my time is divided (especially now that nursery is close, it can get a little difficult) into blogging, family time, entertaining a toddler, cooking, chores, and self-care. So here it goes. 

  • Monday – VA work + Responding to my emails, if any.
  • Tuesday – VA work + I’m writing my weekly broadcast; top-up tailwind; creating new pins for my existing content and add them to Pinterest. 
  • Wednesday – VA work + new post on IG, although, I am posting on my stories on a daily basis. 
  • Thursday – VA work + interacting in FB groups with other bloggers or promoting my existing articles in these groups.
  • Friday – VA work + Everything related to creating, writing and scheduling an article for my blog. This includes coming up with a topic, research, writing, creating graphics and schedule it for Sunday (that’s when I normally post a new article). 
  • Saturday – VA work + filming & editing for my YT channel (I am trying to stay consistent with this one, but it’s harder now..)
  • Sunday – VA work (sometimes) + self-care + family time 

Let’s be friends!

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Hi, I’m Renee Shaw of

My week as a blogger is so varied! I do try and have a set routine that I follow through to give me some rhythm to my work. 

Mondays are my fresh pin days where I create loads and loads of fresh pins, I’ll either pop them in Tailwind or keep them to manually pin throughout the week. 

Tuesday is my mega research day where I do all at of keyword research, outlining my next blog post. I see what’s trending for my niche, what I think my audience would like etc. I also think about my opt-in. 

Wednesday I write my post, I write edit and upload all on the same day, generally trying to write two posts a day (I write from the beach or outside when I can!). I then start promoting that post. 

Thursday is more pin creation and keeping up with any courses I’m a part of. 

Friday is my off day.

Saturday I write down some topics and pin. 

Sunday I spend a fair amount of time on Pinterest 

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Hello, everyone. I’m Angela of

My week as a (brand new) blogger is rather simple as I am just beginning the phase of creating content. Originally I had to get through creating and buying my domain but now I’m at the fun phase; writing! Personally, I like to take things day by day until I get running. I love lists so I have a couple of note pages on my iPad of blog topics I’d like to write about, and I then set aside time each day to write one or two posts out, and get them scheduled to be published. I find that allowing myself the freedom to let ideas come to me, then using a sudden burst of motivation later in the day really helps me focus rather than setting a strict schedule. What works for me may not work for others, and if my blog does ever take off I’m sure this will change but for now, I am letting it flow! 

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Hello, I’m Me-Ann of

Here’s my weekly schedule: 

So, on a normal basis, I only do this when I am not flying. But since the quarantine and all my flights are canceled, I got a chance to set a proper schedule for this. Although, even before, my podcast episodes air every Tuesday.

Monday: record and edit podcast episode

Tuesday: post and promote podcast episode

Wednesday: fiction writing

Thursday: website blog post writing

Friday: free day (day-off or day for extracurricular side hustle)

Saturday: freelance article writing and research

Sunday: prep for the next week (outlines and graphic design)

Everyday: promote/ engage/ read

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There you have it, a no-holds-barred behind-the-scenes of getting my life together as a blogger. You see, not everything about my week as a blogger is glitz and glamour. Most of the time, it is spent in solitude in my old apartment. 

It’s amazing how full-time moms can pull this together. Sure, there are ways to expand a blogging business when you outsource and invest in blogging tools to help with automation. Tailwind, for example, allows you to schedule unlimited number of pins every month. 

But as a new blogger, most of us aren’t there yet. I mean for some, buying a domain name is scary enough already. Bottom line is, being a solopreneur and growing your blog to make money allows you to have a VISION, something that you alone can see. That vision allows you to develop a certain kind of fierceness within. Sure, scaling the business in the future and hire people is your next big move. But for now, enjoy the journey. A little nudge from colleagues and loved ones is enough to keep you going.

A warm thank you to my fellow bloggers who collaborated with me in this blog post. Let’s do it again next time, yeah?

Have you started your blog already?

What do you do as a blogger?

What is your week like?