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How to take action – the not-so-sexy part of starting a blogging business.

Recently, I conducted a survey inside my Facebook group, about common struggles of aspiring and new bloggers on how to build a blog. 

Some of the responses I received were:

I love to write but I don’t know if to build a blog is for me

I don’t think it’s something I’d like to invest my money on

I’m scared to put my work out in the world

Imagine if Britney Spears had these thoughts going on in her head while she’s starting out with her career.

Who’s going to be the princess of pop then? Christina Aguilera? Duh.

If you’re Team Britney or Team Christina, it doesn’t matter. I’m not here to pick a fight.

But, get what I mean?

The responses I received on how to take action have nothing to do with the lack of skills. Rather, it’s the mindset that’s stopping you to reach your blogging goals.

Today, let’s figure out what you need to do on how to take action. Hopefully, you will apply these helpful tips ASAP.

This is part of the mindset blog posts I’ve been publishing lately.

If you’re new here, hi, welcome. How are ya?

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Let’s get started

Why taking action is so hard?

How to build a blog is one thing. How to take action is another. The first statement is an ambition, while the latter is butt-kicking action. 

1. Your blogging goals is uncertain

Cliche or not, you will always go back to remembering your WHY.

Why did you start a blog?

If you’ve been blogging for years and STILL not making money, it’s okay.

Besides, if your blog is just a hobby, you wouldn’t really consider making money off of it. 

BUT, if you decide to start a blogging business, you may have to revisit your answer to this question.

If you can’t, it’s time to step back and do some “soul searching.”

Your blogging goals will help you determine if this is the business you really want to build. Moreover, it allows you to get a deeper perspective on how you see your blog in the future.

2. Self-doubt is blocking your way

I have talked about self-doubt in a previous blog post. Basically, it’s sabotaging your blogging goals and thinking you’re not “pretty enough”. 

But let me tell you this, self-doubt is very difficult to get over.

I have battled with my self-doubt for years. Honestly, the thought doesn’t go away. Instead, it’s something I find manageable.

3. You wait (and wait, and wait some more) to FINALLY be motivated

Yup, the a-ha moment. 

You wait for this your whole life. And when it finally arrived, your blogging goals don’t resonate with your life goals anymore.

4. You don’t have “the time”

Do you have a 9-to-5 that you super hate but can’t quit?

Are you raising kids on your own?

Time flies so fast that we even forget the most important events in our life.

Your best friend’s birthday.

Your wedding anniversary.

Your (stupid) first kiss.

Even those that are simple as appreciating the sunrise when you wake up.

Or the sea of stars on a clear dark sky.

Time is of the essence. 

But instead of treating it as your friend.

Time becomes your enemy.

5. It’s hard

I didn’t finish my Master’s degree in English Language Teaching because “it’s hard.” 

I was able to complete my units (all 46 of them) but I wasn’t able to defend my thesis.

That time, I was working on Joseph Campbell’s mythology in science fiction stories.

Gawd, it’s hard. 

His books are like endangered animal species, they almost cease to exist.

I can make sense of everything in my head, but “it’s hard” to express it in writing.

Same thing with blogging. Many are interested to build a blog. But not everyone will do it because “it’s hard.”

6. You don’t have a business background

I have a Bachelor’s degree in arts major in Literature. 

My one and only “business background” was 3 units of business writing. That’s it.

I know nothing about digital marketing, and worse, how to build a blog. 

My blogging goals were waaayyy beyond my imagination.

My skills and knowledge over the years I acquired from watching YouTube videos about WordPress, and freelance writing for clients.

I learned how to take action through learning while doing. 

7. You may be building the wrong business

Are you sure you want to build a blog?

Does it resonate with the life you’re trying to make for yourself?

If not, maybe you’re building the wrong business.

I think frustration starts to kick in when you put so much effort into your blog and not get anything in return. Thus, the desire to make money comes in.

But let me be clear, that even if money is involved, that shouldn’t be our only reason to start a blog.

We’re talking about your life’s work. your magnum opus.

8. It’s not something you enjoy doing

Do you love to write?

If yes, what kind of writing do you enjoy?

Novels? Short stories? Poetry?

These are really good avenues in expressing your poetic flair.

But, starting to build a blog as a business is entirely different from literature. 

Blog writing is business writing.

Literature is art

Of course, you can use blog posts to market your literary works.

But if this isn’t part of your blogging goals, chances are, you won’t enjoy blogging. 

If that happens, you can actually focus on writing literary works, and then have a team or an agency work on a marketing strategy.

More like writing a book and finding a publisher.

Or a painting exhibit handled by a curator.

9. You want a get-rich-quick scheme

If you are looking for astonishing testimonials on how to make money blogging, you will find lots of them on Pinterest. 

Testimonials like “How I earned my first $1k in 3 months after starting a blog” is spectacular. 

But is this REALLY and GENUINELY something that will help you keep going?

How about, life has been difficult for you financially, and you’re looking for alternatives on how to make money fast.

Well, my friend. blogging isn’t going to help.

10. You’re scared about what other people will say

It’s hard to be unbothered.

This has something to do with what I mentioned in number 2, self-doubt. 

It’s hard to stay focused when you feel critics are constantly breathing down your neck.

Or worse, you will find people online who’d love to see you fail.

Stuff happens. I know.

Who would expect the world can be this crazy.

Simple and effective tips on how to take action, achieve your blogging goals, and build a blog that supports the life you want

Now that we’re able to identify the common reasons that stop you on how to take action, it’s time to look at solutions. 

1. Work on your mindset

This weekend, I challenge you to take at least 30 minutes of your time to sit down and reevaluate your blogging goals. 

Think about your short term and long term goals.

Here are some questions to help you get started.

  • Why do I want to start a blog?
  • Is building a blog something that I really, REALLY want?
  • Who am I helping?
  • What do I need to do to achieve my blogging goals?
  • How can I diversify my income?
  • How much do I want to earn every month/year?
  • How can I make time to build a blog?

2. Decide NOW if blogging is for you (if not sell it)

Did you know that you can build a blog and sell it?

In fact, I learned about it from Chelsea Clarke of Her Paper Route. She even has the perfect online course to turn your blog into a valuable asset, worthy of selling for top dollar at auction.

So if building a blog is your thing, but you’re not sure if you want to keep it, consider blog flipping as an online business.

Her Paper Route Blog Flipping Masterclass

3. Be super specific about your blogging goals

Instead of

I will build a blog this 2020.

Make it

I will build a blog and launch it on July 30.

Instead of 

I will grow my Pinterest account

Make it 

I will have my first 100k monthly views in 30 days.

The more specific your goals are, the better. This way, you will have clarity and focus on what to prioritize, and what steps to take to achieve your blogging goals.

3. Build a blog that supports the life you want

Are you camera shy?

They why post selfies on Instagram every day if you’re uncomfortable doing it?

Is wearing makeup ruining your skin?

They why start a blog about how you love makeup?

Scared of traveling alone?

Then why start a blog about how you love traveling solo?

Build a blog that supports the life you want.

Create a safe place for you and your audience. How to take action shouldn’t be against your ideals as a blogger just because money is involved.

Build a blog that shows your true character. Lure your audience to a blog that provides value.

4. Make the time to build a blog

Ask yourself…

How many hours per day do I spend on my blog?

There are tasks that you can automate.

For example, scheduling your pins using Tailwind, or using Planoly for scheduling Instagram posts.

If not, you can always delegate the tasks you think is disrupting your workflow.

Find out which ones you want to prioritize, and leave the rest to your VA.

5. Learn while doing

It was on November 1, 2018, when I finally decided to create my blog. I have played around with for many years. But this is the first time that I will use

After two months of watching YouTube videos, reading blog posts, and buying courses in Udemy, I was able to officially launch the website on January 28, 2919.

It was a tedious process, believe me. I should’ve hired someone to do it. But I’m glad I didn’t. Or else, I wouldn’t have the knowledge and skill in WordPress that I can use to help aspiring and new bloggers like you.

Everything is trial and error. As a solopreneur, the excitement and pressure of starting a blogging business is on your shoulders.

The trick is to keep breathing.

7. Be patient

If time is the enemy, patience is the antihero.

My patience is at capacity.

There are instances when I just want to drop everything and call it quits.

But looking back at what I’ve endured building Bringing Up Business, I certainly can’t give up now.

For me, patience is acquired.

It’s not innate.

And once you get the hang of it, it’s something you need to treasure.

Because patience my friend, is going to be your new BFF when you start a blog.

8. Don’t give a f*ck

Have you read Mark Manson’s The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck?

This book had me at Bukowski.

Chapter 1 talks about why we should f*ck everything that’s unimportant.

Instead, focus your energy on your life goals, and f*ck the rest.

Try your best to remain unbothered.

9. Create strategies that will work for you

If you have a 9-5, it’s not realistic to publish blog posts everyday.

Your decision to build a blog should not interfere with your life. Rather, it should be an integral part of your life.

10. Do it 

No one else will.

We’re talking about your blogging goals here, not others.

I’d say go for it.

Otherwise, create something that you find purposeful.


I hope you find this helpful.

How to take action is incredibly tedious.

I hope you find your rhythm.

To build a blog and achieve your blogging goals is a big decision that can make or break you.

Well, life is short. Let’s make it amazing.