Hello, everyone.
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Today’s blog is a continuation of last week’s blog post on how to set up Pinterest for your new blog.

This time, we are going to dive into Pinterest SEO. I will help you optimize your Pinterest profile so you can get more page views and clicks.

Let’s jump right in.

Similar to last week’s video, we are going to use the Pinterest profile of my pet blog.

Pinterest SEO: Optimize your profile for more page views and clicks The Greatest Digital Creatives by Cherrie Ann Balictar

As you can see, this account has 5 boards, one of which will be dedicated to my pins. That is why I named it Shih Tzu Care Guide – My Very Best.

The rest of the boards is where you will find a mix of mine and repins from other profiles.

Pinterest SEO: How to optimize your profile for more pages views and clicks

1. Pinterest SEO keyword research

First, we need to find Pinterest keywords that we can use throughout our Pinterest profile.

Our blog will cover topics about dog supplies, grooming, food, and health.for a specific dog breed.

That is, Shih Tzu.

From these topics, we are going to hunt for Pinterest SEO keywords. We need to find out if there are Pinterest users searching for these topics and use the words they type in the search bar.

So let’s click the search icon and type Shih Tzu supplies.

See to it that you click the down arrow and click all pins. This way, you’ll be able to see all pins throughout Pinterest that match our keyword search.

As you can see, we have dog shampoos, dog food, toys, puppy pads, brushes and others, which is obviously “supplies”. Hehe

Let’s narrow it down to Shih Tzu dog shampoo.

IF you scroll down, the most common pin title you’ll find is “Best shampoos for Shih Tzu”.

The more we target a more niche down keyword, the better our chances to have our Pinterest profile visible to the right audience.

I have prepared a Google sheet where we can put our Pinterest keywords. That way we can identify which keyword goes to what board.

So here under my first board, I’ll put Best shampoos for Shih Tzu.

Next, let’s try Shih Tzu dog food.

Here, when we scroll down, we find brands of dog food, blog posts about what Shih Tzu can and can not eat, and again we find another common pin title Best dog food for Shih Tzu.

So let me go back to our Google Sheet and type that keyword under our first board.

This is how I do keyword research on Pinterest. Let me search some more so I can fill our Google Sheet right here.

Pinterest SEO: Optimize your profile for more page views and clicks The Greatest Digital Creatives by Cherrie Ann Balictar

What I love about conducting keyword research is that it helps you map out the topics you want to cover in your Pinterest profile.

Moreover, you will be able to provide Pinterest a better understanding about what your blog and your profile is about. Which, in return helps the Pinterest algorithm in finding your target audience.

Therefore, it works both ways.

Imagine yourself endlessly scrolling on Instagram and liking posts about plants. Then all of a sudden, Instagram is recommending IG profiles about cats.

Isn’t that weird? Where did that come from, right? Get it?

2. Update Pinterest board descriptions based on the Pinterest SEO keyword research

Okay, so now that our Pinterest keywords are ready, Let us go ahead and update our board descriptions.

To do this, just click your profile image > boards > choose one > edit

Copy and paste your keywords in the description and you’re done.

I’ll do the same thing with the rest of my boards.

3. Add Pinterest board covers

Next, we’ll add board covers. For this we will use Canva.

Now, the size of a Pinterest board cover is similar to the size of an Instagram post. That’s what we’re going to use.

I have prepared the images ahead of time, and now I’m going to show you how to upload them one by one.

Don’t forget to optimize your image file name as well. What I do is I put my blog name and the board name in the images.

For example, here the image file name is

Shih Tzu Care Guide – My Very Best

Okay, so to upload our Pinterest board cover

Go to boards > click the plus sign and choose pin.

We will upload the image as if it’s just a regular Pinterest pin. Drag the image, add a pin title, description, URL, and click publish.

Next, we need to refresh the board > click the image we just uploaded > Done.

Let me do the same thing to the rest of my boards.

Aaand, here they are.


4. Use Pinterest SEO to optimize display name and description

Next, let’s optimize our display name and description. For the display name, I’m going to leave it as it is and just add the words dog care.

For the description, I am going to use my board names for Pinterest users can get a glimpse of what my profile is about.

A teaser if you will.


To wrap up, I just want to share some of the things I learned with Pinterest when I started using it in January.

You see, targeting the right Pinterest SEO keywords for your niche is not enough. You have to dominate these keywords.

In other words, you can’t just have one pin for a particular keyword. You have to have many. That is why a lot of Pinterest experts recommend for you to have at least 3 to 5 pins per blog post.

The more pins you have for a keyword, the more chances that you will have views and clicks.

There are thousands of pins published everyday, heck even every hour. All it takes is being consistent and the right strategy.

Moreover, the Pinterest SEO keywords I used today aren’t final. At the end of the month, I can conduct an audit to identify which keywords are giving me more results and which aren’t, so I can step back and do my research over again.

Not necessarily back from scratch, but just for me to find what’s trending, and what’s not. This way, I’d know that my account is up to date.

There you have it. I hope you find this very helpful. Before you go please check out my Complete Beginner’s Guide to Pinterest for New Bloggers.