Types of Blog Posts

When I started freelancing, I didn’t know that there are different types of blog posts. During the early years of the internet, blogs are simply online diaries. Here, we talk about our failed relationships, write cheesy poems, and short stories no one would read. Honestly, we didn’t even care. For writers, having an avenue to express art through writing is more than enough. 

But like the rest of the world, blogging changed over time. Now, you can turn your blog into a business, ditch your shitty 8-5 job (and boss), and work from home.

Ah, I hope it’s just as easy. But it isn’t. One of the most important tips for new bloggers is this: PLAN AHEAD

If you’re starting to lose momentum because you have “nothing to write”, it’s simply because you didn’t have a plan, to begin with. 

This is not the time to “wing it” or “see how it goes”. 

Part of the blogging basics you need to learn is to awaken your entrepreneurial mindset and look at blogging from a different perspective. That is, to become the go-to person when it comes to finding a solution to other people’s problems.

Different types of blog posts 

In this list, I have included examples of each of the different types of blog posts. I suggest you go over each of them and take note of the formatting, readability, how images are incorporated, as well as CTA (Call To Action) buttons. 

Notice how the blog post helps the website get traffic, leads, and of course, sales. 

Please note that some of the examples I mentioned may overlap. For instance, a podcast transcript can also be formatted as a blog post interview

Moreover, not all of these are applicable to your blog. I don’t even recommend that you should have one of each. You still need to find out what type of blog posts would resonate with your audience. And of course, write the types of blog posts that positions you as an expert in your niche. 

Let’s jump right in.

1. Behind-the-scenes

Do you blog about movies or TV shows? Behind-the-scenes blogs posts are perfect for you. Imagine being given a backstage pass to a concert. In this type of blog post, you make your readers feel that you’re sharing your backstage VIP tickets to them. You share a certain kind of exclusivity that readers can only get from you.   


16 Behind The Scenes Secrets From The Set Of ‘Stranger Things’

93 Behind-the-Scenes ‘Game of Thrones’ Pictures That Will Destroy the Magic for You

2. Before and After

We love makeovers. I remember when Netflix aired Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up on New Year’s Day. Admit it, you suddenly had the urge to go over every room in your house wishing that there’s a reset button to make all the mess disappear. 

Change is a process. And we love to see other people go through it. We may not achieve the same success they have. But if your readers are looking for inspiration to take action, this is the time for you to step up and write this type of blog post.


A Pro-Decorator’s 5-Step Bedroom Makeover

Inside a Glam Apartment Makeover

3. Beginner guides

I created Bringing Up Business because I want to be your go-to person when it comes to the blogging basics. Therefore, the types of blog posts you will read here are beginner-friendly. 

Beginner guides are fun to write, easy to understand, and easy to follow. 

These types of blog posts are perfect for education-centered blogs. 

If you share easy home cooking recipes, beginner guides are perfect for your readers, too. 


Easy Royal Icing for Cake Decorating

15 amazing and free WordPress plugins new bloggers need to stand out

4. Case studies

Okay, this takes time to write. And when I say time, I mean, days, weeks, months, even years. 

Just like the before and after blog posts, case studies are meant to show results. Also, there’s the gathering of data, analysis, hypothesis, and final outcome. 


Pinterest case studies

The Ultimate List of Facebook Ads Case Studies (+ 38 lessons you can’t ignore)

5. Checklists

I never go to the grocery without a list. This way, I don’t go home forgetting that I didn’t get garlic for my chicken marinade, or that I run out of eggs. 

Checklists are types of blog posts that allow readers to get a sense of completeness in carrying out a task. 

Whether it’s about how to start an herb garden, all the way to baby essentials for your newborn, checklists gives you a sense of accomplishment. 


Spring Garden Checklist -14 Tips To Get Ahead For Spring Gardening

How to create a minimalist wardrobe (& free essentials)

6. Collaborations

As a new blogger, collaborations allow you to reach a wider audience. Do you notice YouTube content creators collaborate with fellow YouTubers? The concept is the same as this type of blog post. 

Last month, I was able to write my first collaboration blog post with the help of fellow bloggers. Here, we talked about what our week is like, the struggles and joys of being full-time bloggers. 

Getting my life together: My week as a new blogger

Guest posts can also fall under this type of blog post. Guest posts are opportunities to publish your work on someone else’s website. In return, you can get backlinks which is good for SEO, and some companies even offer to pay. 

Here’s a guest post I wrote last year.

How to use Facebook live to boost organic traffic 

7. Current events

If you want fast web traffic (and by fast I mean right now), blog about current events. 

The downside is, you have to create content in a flash. The best example of these types of blog posts are those written by online journalists.

Another downside is that, as soon as the trend is over, it’s hard to continue promoting the blog post because it’s not relevant anymore. 

These types of blogs are fast-paced. Therefore, you have to be quick in producing content on your website. If you can publish blog posts every day, this is definitely your vibe. 


Money Heist Season 5: 10 Questions We Want Answered

Quarantined with a new born, alone

8. Frequently Asked Questions

This type of blog post is very informative. It allows you to tell your readers about an affiliate product, or if you’re promoting your very own products and/or services. 

For example, you switched email providers. You can write a blog post about why you made the switch, the pros and cons, and other things you want your readers to know about your new email provider, to convince them to try it for themselves. And if you’re an affiliate to this email service, the more readers you encourage to join, the more affiliate commissions you get.


Parenthood Confessions: Coco is ONE!

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org – Which is Better? (Comparison Chart)

9. Giveaways

Hosting giveaways is one of the ways to increase readership to your website. This also works well if you’re trying to get more followers on social media. 

Make sure you the mechanics are crystal clear and mention the terms and conditions of your giveaway ie. how to claim the prize, when is the raffle going to be held, what happens if the prize is unclaimed, etc.


27 Days of Spring Fashion: Stitch Fix Shoes & Giveaway

10. How-to guides

Here at Bringing Up Business, my blog posts are how-to guides, blogging basics, and tips for new bloggers. I find that these types of blog posts are ideal because my target audience is aspiring and new bloggers who have zero to less knowledge about blogging in general.

I want my blog to provide helpful and relevant information to those who are starting a blog, or someone who considers working from home but hasn’t fully decided yet. With my how-to guides, I want my readers to see me as a blogging coach and someone who knows the ins and outs of the blogging industry.


How to install the Google Site Kit Plugin on WordPress

How To Create A New Pinterest Board For Your Business

11. Interviews

As much as I love watching interviews on YouTube, or listen to podcast interviews (like Getting Curious by Jonathan Van Ness), I also love to read blog posts that are interview-based. 

This way, I can take note of my biggest takeaways from the interview, and copy and paste them on my notepad for future reference.


How to sell your blog for 6-figures with Tracie Fobes

How I earned $210,000 my first year blogging – An interview with Amira Irfan

12. Podcast transcripts

I love reading blog posts as much as I love listening to podcasts. 

However, there are some people who’d like to get important key points throughout the podcast episode. Which is why there are podcast shows that have a separate website where they can repurpose their content into blogs. These types of blog posts are called transcripts. 


The 3 things I wish I’d done sooner

How to Manage Unemployment and Lost Business Income

13. Product reviews

Have you experienced a brand reaching out to you to write a product review in exchange for free products? This is called exchange deals or x-deals. 

Reviews are tremendous help especially during brand or product launches. 

Do you watch Tati on YouTube? She is a beauty vlogger who launched her first makeup palette in 2019 called Textured Neutrals Volume 1. Before the launch, she was able to reach out to other beauty YouTubers so she can send PR packages, so they can create product review video just in time for the launch. This allows a brand to reach a wider audience, and promote the product fast and in a very timely manner.

Please remember that not product reviews come from exchange deals. There are some brands that would pay bloggers to review their products. These are called sponsored posts.

Product reviews can also be a way for you to earn a commission from the brand through affiliate marketing. In fact, I have a list of high-paying affiliate programs new bloggers you can try.   


Best Finds: Seven highlighters that look fantastic in natural light

Rank Math Review – Why I Ditched Yoast For RankMath

14. Recipes

Who doesn’t love searching the internet for easy homemade recipes? These types of blog posts are great for food bloggers. 


The Perfect Skillet Brownies

Apple Caramel Dessert Recipe

15. Success and failures

These types of blog posts explain how something is achieved and/or what went wrong in the process.


4 Daily Rituals That Revolutionized My Work Life

Why My First Blog Failed … and What You Can Learn from My Mistakes

16. Surveys

If you love analytics and numbers, you will definitely enjoy writing this type of blog post. A survey is a research method that collects data from respondents to prove or null a hypothesis, depending on the purpose and what is meant to be achieved.


Survey Questions That Work: How to Unlock Your Customers’ Deepest Desires

17. Thank-you notes

This type of blog post allows you to get up close and personal to your readers. This can be a blog post about celebrating your birthday with your followers, a thank-you message after reaching a new blogging milestone, or simple gratitude for spending time to read your work. 


My 3rd-year blogging anniversary

Thank you. Seriously.

18. Updates, stats, and income reports 

This type of blog post can be case studies and policy updates. It allows readers to have an overview or proof of a claim, like in our example below. 

How We Made $147,576.09 in March 2020 (Blog Income Report)

19. Update old posts

One of my blogging goals this month is to update my previous posts. If you check some of them, I have added CTA buttons, updated my blog categories, and added new keywords for Google and Pinterest SEO. 

Aside from that, there are blog posts that need updating because of new information that I think is relevant to my readers. 
One of them is the blog post about affiliate marketing. When it was first published, it was a list of 28 affiliate programs for new bloggers. A few days later, I added two more, which brings it to 30. I hope you bookmark this post because for sure, this blog will be constantly updated over time.

20. Who-s who

Do you want to know the who’s who in your blog niche? This type of blog post allows you to know who to follow, and see what are the trending topics you can blog about. Plus, you can get blog post ideas from them in case you’re searching for new content. 

7 Blogging Laws Every Blogger Must Obey (Updated 2020 Guide)

Starting a Conscious Business with Dani Nagel


There you have it, a list of the different types of blog posts you can write to drive massive traffic to your new blog. 

Do you need all these types of blog posts on your new blog?


Keep in mind that part of the blogging basics is to know your readers and what kind of content they want from you.  In addition, the types of blog posts you need to create will depend on your keyword research to make sure that your blog posts are SEO-friendly, too.

Furthermore, your role doesn’t end with hitting the publish button. While you wait for your SEO strategies to take effect, you can still get massive traffic to your new blog by means of content marketing strategies via social media platforms, and of course, Pinterest.

I hope you find this helpful. 

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