valentines day blog post ideas

Are you searching the internet for last-minute Valentine’s day blog post ideas? Here is a list of topics your audience will definitely be interested in. 

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Last week, we talked about email marketing for new bloggers. I mentioned how emails are personal, and in order to get leads, we have to respect our readers’ inbox. Same thing with writing blog posts related to holidays. Obviously, the main goal is to take advantage of Valentine’s day to get more page views. But if we want to get the hearts of our audience, we have to sound authentic, without being too “salesy”.

Ready to captivate your audience with cheesy lines and a bit of creativity? Check out my list of Valentine’s day blog post ideas I grouped into different niches.

Creative blog post ideas you can write for Valentine’s day 

Beauty bloggers

  1. How to get glowing skin 
  2. Date night makeup
  3. Valentine’s day jewelry gift guide
  4. Perfume gift ideas
  5. How to pull off a home-spa date night

Content marketing bloggers

  1. Valentine’s day email campaigns 
  2. Valentine’s day Facebook ads guide
  3. Marketing campaigns on v-day
  4. Can your business survive v-day?
  5. How to create contests perfect for Valentine’s day

Daddy bloggers

  1. Gift guide for him
  2. Celebrating v-day as a single dad
  3. Celebrating v-day as a first-time dad
  4. Pamper session with “the boys”
  5. How to make him feel “loved”

DIY/home decor bloggers

  1. Where to buy cute home decors on v-day
  2. How to DIY paper flower bouquets
  3. Valentine’s day inspired living room decor
  4. Table decorating ideas
  5. DIY scented candles

Family bloggers

  1. How to celebrate v-day as a family
  2. What to teach children about Valentine’s day
  3. School activities for v-day
  4. Mother-daughter v-day bonding activities
  5. Father-son v-day bonding activities

Fashion bloggers

  1. Best and worst dress to wear on date night
  2. Guide to wearing high heels on date night
  3. Fashion icons from romcom movies
  4. Shops offering Valentine’s day discounts 
  5. Sexy costume ideas

FInance or frugal living bloggers

  1. No-spend Valentine’s day date night
  2. Cute gifts below $10
  3. How to save money on v-day
  4. Save money and still have fun on Valentine’s day
  5. Ways to save money instead of celebrating v-day

Food bloggers

  1. Restaurants to try on Valentine’s day
  2. Valentine’s day cookie recipes
  3. Wine reviews
  4. Eat out our stay home
  5. Delicious valentine’s day meals for vegans

Health and fitness bloggers

  1. Couple workout
  2. How v-day will ruin your diet
  3. How to avoid sweets on v-day
  4. Dark or white chocolate
  5. How to lose weight just in time for valentine’s day

Mommy bloggers

  1. Gift ideas for her
  2. How to celebrate v-day with a new baby
  3. Celebrating v-day as a single mom
  4. How to surprise your mom on Valentine’s day
  5. Self-care sesh for moms

Party-planning bloggers

  1. Romantic table setting for two
  2. Valentine’s day wedding ideas
  3. How to throw away a valentine’s day party at home
  4. Valentine’s day activities for school parties
  5. Romantic party themes 

Pet bloggers

  1. Costume ideas 
  2. Pet treats
  3. Pet stores to by Valentine’s day goodies
  4. DIY your pet’s Valentine’s day costumes
  5. Valentine’s day themed pet toys

Relationship bloggers

  1. Favorite romcom movies to watch on Valentine’s day
  2. How to celebrate Valentine’s in LDR’s
  3. Celebrate Valentine’s as newlyweds
  4. Love Valentine’s even if you’re single
  5. Love letters to write on Valentine’s

Travel bloggers

  1. Romantic hotels that won’t break the bank
  2. Romantic destinations in Europe
  3. Romantic places to propose
  4. How to go to France on Valentine’s day
  5. Themed parks to visit on Valentine’s day 

Gaming bloggers

  1. Easy computer games to play with your partner
  2. Cutest video games 
  3. Gift guide for gamers
  4. How to enjoy video games with your lover on Valentine’s day (when you’re not a gamer)
  5. Best video games to play on v-day

Gardening bloggers

  1. Where to buy fresh roses on Valentine’s day
  2. Floral arrangement ideas
  3. How to grow roses for v-day
  4. Flowers to give your loved ones aside from roses
  5. Bouquet on a budget

Wedding bloggers

  1. Couple poses for prenup shoot
  2. Valentine’s day prenup theme
  3. Inspiring Valentine’s day weddings
  4. Valentine’s day wedding reception designs
  5. Pros and cons of getting married on Valentine’s day

Have you written blog posts in the past using any of the topics we mentioned?

Were you able to get more traffic to your website?

What other Valentine’s day blog post ideas do you have in mind?