Happy Valentine’s day! I hope you had fun spending time with your loved ones. And since we’re in the blogging niche, let’s not forget our email subscribers, yeah? Interaction between our audiences online may not be as intimate as what we have with our friends and family. But it’s still nice to let them feel that you remembered. In addition, this is also a great opportunity to get more sales without “selling” if that makes sense. Valentine’s day email subject lines are fun to write. You can be as cheesy (or sensual) depending on your target audience.

Tips on how to make Valentine’s day emails stand out

1. Offer exclusive deals and discounts to your subscribers

Let your email subscribers know they are important. Offering VIP deals and discounts is one of the ways to do it.

Everybody wants to make the most out of their money. If you can help your email subscribers get the best Valentine’s day deals in town. You will be loved.

Valentine’s day email from Eatigo
Another Valentine’s day offer from Eatigo

2. FOMO (Fear OF Missing Out)

As much as we all want to get more for less, there’s always the Fear Of Missing Out or FOMO. 

For example, if you are a fan of Jeffrey Star Cosmetics, you would definitely grab the opportunity to get EXCLUSIVE PRODUCTS available only when you purchase his Valentine’s day Mystery Boxes, regardless of the price, and if you actually want (or need) the products inside.

On their website: it says:

Each tier contains different exclusive items ranging from cosmetics to accessories to apparel. Additionally, all three tiers will feature at least one exclusive cosmetic only available in these mystery boxes.

The word EXCLUSIVE is music to our ears. It is such a powerful word that Jeffrey Star fans would spend hours waiting on the website to hit “add to cart”. In fact, every time Jeffrey Star drops a new product, it’s going to be sold out in minutes. 


3. Set the mood 

Valentine’s day is about L-O-V-E

It doesn’t have to be mushy if that’s not your thing.

Love can be portrayed in different shapes and forms. 

Know what your target audience feel about Valentine’s day. 

Are they single? Show them that Valentine’s day is not only for couples. You can recommend self-care tips, eat out with family, even Galentine’s day.

Love is in the air, make them feel it. 

Send your love and regards.

4. Personalize your product recommendations

Like I said, Valentine’s day is the perfect time to generate sales. 

If you want to generate income from your affiliate programs, you can write an in-depth blog post about it and share the link to your email subscribers. 

Personalize your recommendations according to their needs and based on your experience.

For example, I highly recommend Namecheap when you buy your domain name because it’s easy, affordable, reliable, and has 24/7 support. 

So, if you are a newbie blogger, and you finally decided to purchase your domain name, I recommend Namecheap based on my experience. 

5. Make your subscribers happy

Ahh, happiness. 

How do we actually make your email subscribers feel happy?

If we’re gonna dive deep, we can say happiness is achieved within ourselves.

But sometimes, happiness can be as simple as saying Hi.

This Valentine’s day, make your subscribers happy. If you don’t offer exclusive deals yet, send a fancy Valentine’s day email greeting.

Mailchimp has free email templates you can play with. Their free plan can accommodate up to 2,000 subscribers. So if you are a newbie blogger, and you don’t have a lot of email subscribers yet, this is a great email marketing tool to start.

6. Segment your subscribers

I label my email subscribers in Mailchimp as The Greatest VIP members.

Then, I group them into tags according to how I was able to collect email addresses:

  • Facebook group members
  • Webinar attendees
  • DM’s

For general greetings/announcements, I send one email to everyone. 

But if the email is for a specific group only, I don’t send it to all subscribers.

For example, if you attended my FREE webinar on How to Create a 12-month Blog Plan and Crush It, you probably received an email with a link to an in-depth summary. 

And if you’re inside our Facebook group, you also have access to 2 Trello boards to help you with your planning stage.

One is for a 12-month blog plan. In this Trello board, you will also find FREE task management and monitoring sheets.

My 12-month blog plan using Trello

The second is a 30-day blogging plan. This will help you break down your annual blogging goals into daily, weekly, and monthly mini-goals.

My February 2020 blog plan using Trello

Valentine’s day email subject lines your subscribers will love

  1. Last chance to get 20% off on ALL Valentine’s day gifts!
  2. Last chance for FREE delivery on V-day
  3. Here’s an early Valentine’s day treat to get 50% OFF
  4. Friday is Valentine’s day
  5. Are you ready for Valentine’s day?
  6. One for you, one for your Valentine
  7. Got nothing to wear on Valentine’s day? Get 20% off on EVERYTHING
  8. Will you be our Valentine?
  9. Happy Valentine’s day! Here’s your FREE gift 
  10. My Valentine’s day story
  11. Alone on Valentine’s day? We gotchu
  12. Planning for a sizzlin’ hot Valentine’s date? We got what you need
  13. Our biggest, grandest Valentine’s day sale is HERE!
  14. Surprise him/her with a special gift this Valentine’s day
  15. Get awesome deals this Valentine’s day
  16. Did you know what we love about Valentine’s day? YOU
  17. Fall in love this Valentine’s Day
  18. (name), don’t miss this!
  19. Make her/his Valentine’s Day unforgettable
  20. We’ve got awesome deals for you this V-day
  21. Make her/his Valentine’s day extra sweet with homemade desserts
  22. Let’s spread L-O-V-E this V-day
  23. A Valentine’s day gift from me to you
  24. What we love about Valentine’s day? SALES
  25. Flash SALE this V-day at 20% off
  26. Let us help you plan an unforgettable Valentine’s day
  27. Fall in love with premium perks
  28. Let’s help you find love this Valentine’s day
  29. Disappearing soon. Get yours today
  30. Have fun this Valentine’s day 


For new bloggers, you may hesitate in sending Valentine’s day emails to your subscribers. That is if you already have subscribers. 

If you have already, you don’t want to sound pushy either. Hard selling is a big no-no, especially if you’re just getting started to build your audience. 

A simple Happy Valentine’s day greeting would suffice.

Let them know you remembered. 

Happy Valentine’s day!

To you

Your friends


IT-boy or IT-girl

Your ex (wink)

And to everyone that made you feel loved and important.